Harnessing Love’s Power
to Stop Oppression

UUs across the country are taking action in solidarity with Ferguson. Learn more on our With Ferguson Resource page
Learn more about UUs organizing and taking action to stop deportations and support The New Sanctuary Movement 2014
Take action in support of LGBT people today!

Take Action

Our nation needs our message. Tell Congress to stand on the side of love.

Spread the Word

Show your love on your website and social networks.

Share a Story

Recognize those who exemplify the values of inclusion, diversity, and equality.


365 Days of Love!

Over the past three years, Standing on the Side of Love (SSL) supporters co-created a beautiful expression of our faith called Thirty Days of Love. From... More >

365 Days of Love: Love Resources you can use all year

Thanks for checking out these resources from past Thirty Days of Love that you can use all year round! This year, we are excited to... More >

Transgender Day of Remembrance: Living into Solidarity

On the eve of Trans Day of Remembrance 2014, Standing on the Side of Love’s Campaign Coordinator Nora Rasman sat down with Lourdes Ashley Hunter,... More >

For our veterans

As a Unitarian Universalist Minister who serves as an Army Reserve chaplain, I have seen the wounds that our veterans carry, both physical and spiritual.... More >

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