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A Report on SB 1070 Solidarity Actions in Louisville, Kentucky

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Aug 04, 2010

UUs in Louisville, KY, including the Rev. Dawn Cooley of First Unitarian Church, joined in an event called “People Not Profiles: Kentucky Says NO to Arizona’s Unconstitutional Law” on July 29. Sponsored by over a dozen Louisville social justice organizations, the campaign kicked-off with a protest rally that was followed by a street theater action in solidarity with people facing anti-immigrant attacks in Arizona.

Dozens gathered in front of the immigration offices at the Gene Snyder U.S. Courthouse and Custom House for brief speeches from diverse sponsoring organizations. Participants then marched to 4th Street Live, a dining, entertainment and shopping location in the heart of downtown, for a “Show Me Your
Papers, Please” action during the lunch hour. Costumed participants stopped unsuspecting individuals walking through 4th Street Live to ask them to, “Show me your papers, please,” and engage them in conversation about the Arizona law.

An article about the local event appeared on the local newspaper’s web edition, sparking discussion in the comments section. The local NPR station reported the event briefly. Television coverage of the event was extremely limited. One local 5:00pm TV news broadcast aired a short mention, including a
brief glimpse of one Standing on the Side of Love t-shirt. Two other local stations posted short write-ups on their websites, but no other air time has been discovered.

Sponsoring organizations included: ACLU-KY; Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research at the University of Louisville; Carl Braden Memorial Center; Fairness Campaign (GLBT Rights); Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR); Hispanic/Latino Coalition; Jefferson County Teachers’ Association; Jobs With Justice; Kentuckiana Interfaith Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean; Kentucky Alliance Against Political and Racist Repression; La Casita; Louisvillians In Favor of Equality (LIFE); Students for Peace and Justice, University of Louisville; Women In Transition (WIT) Members from a local UU congregation were present at the rally.

3 Responses to “A Report on SB 1070 Solidarity Actions in Louisville, Kentucky”

  1. Tommie O'Sullivan says:

    Thank you for helping to call attention to our situation here in Arizona and for recognizing that this is not just a single state issue. This insidious racial profiling attitude is spreading throughout the US. Keep up the good work!

  2. Friends,

    Every major television news station in Louisville came out to cover the event, and NPR ran an extended edition of the story the next morning as well! Today, another full page article ran in LEO Weekly, our weekly alternative news magazine.

    Chris Hartman
    Director, Fairness Campaign

  3. fernando chavez says:

    man!!!!!You guys are blind. Dont you see that if it wasnt for illigal immagrants,the united states wouldnt be anything. Watch theeconomy drop even more after the illigal imagrants leave!!!!!!!!

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