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“All American Muslim” Controversy is a Call to Action

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Dec 13, 2011

The organized American Islamophobes have risen.  This time, their demonization of American Muslims is focused on calling for an advertiser boycott of the reality show “All-American Muslim,” which chronicles the lives of a group of Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan.

The show is far from radical. Writes New York Times reviewer Mike Hale:

As it turns out, however, the only thing extreme about “All-American Muslim,” an eight-part series that begins on Sunday, is the lengths to which it goes to portray its subjects — members of the Arab-American community in Dearborn, Mich. — as everyday people. While head scarves and abstemiousness may set some of them apart, in general the medical assistants, secretaries, deputy sheriffs and football coaches the show follows come across as almost freakishly normal.

That’s probably something to be thankful for in our continuing post-9/11 climate of suspicion and fear.

But a reality TV show that lets Americans relate to the lives of Muslims in the United States is an offensive idea to those who want to demonize Islam.

The conservative Florida Family Association (FFA) has been pushing advertisers to drop “All-American Muslim,” and some advertisers have acquiesced.  The business receiving the most flack is Lowe’s hardware chain who, this past weekend, said it pulled its advertising because the show “raised concerns.”  FFA was thrilled, since the group called the TLC show “propaganda that riskily hides the Islamic agenda’s clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values.”

California State. Sen. Ted Lieu is One of Several Elected Leaders Speaking Out Against Lowe's Decision to Bow to Bigoted Pressure

California State. Sen. Ted Lieu is One of Several Elected Leaders Speaking Out Against Lowe's Decision to Bow to Bigoted Pressure

We here at Standing on the Side of Love headquarters confess we haven’t seen more than a trailer for the show.  But whether it’s the quality of Jersey Shore or Masterpiece Theater, it’s a disgrace that advertisers would specifically kowtow to anti-Muslim bigots, when they freely advertise on television fare ranging from the Bachelor to Flavor of Love without a second thought.

Plenty of Americans are up in arms about this travesty.  One petition on Signon.org has already garnered 22,000 signatures.  The petition urges Lowe’s to reconsider their decision to pull advertising dollars, and it also targets other advertisers, urging them to not cave to anti-Islamic pressure. You can add your name here.

In a move that we describe as fiscally intelligent courageous love, Russell Simmons has attempted to buy up all of the dropped advertiser time.  On a positive note, it’s apparently all sold out!  It’s wonderful that the bigots haven’t won here. It’s also great to see politicians like California State Sen. Ted Lieu stating they will boycott the stores in their district.

Let’s stay vigilant, sign the petition, and do what we can in our own communities to make sure that our American Muslim neighbors know that they are valued just as much as any other members of our communities.

5 Responses to ““All American Muslim” Controversy is a Call to Action”

  1. Lucy Ijams says:

    I wish Standing on the Side of Love would use Change.org for its on-line petitions. I quit Move On years ago because it became so partisan, all about electing Democrats to the U.S. Congress and Senate. Please consider making this change. I do not like being subscribed to Move On automatically.

    Maybe there is a reason why you don’t use Change.org If so, please let me know what that reason is.

    Thank you.

  2. Anonymous (I dont wanna hear flack) says:

    People have a right to be against islam as much as any other religion.

    On a side note… it’s obvious that gentrification has never crossed the minds of those that are obsessed with being overly permissive of islam / islamic law in the U.S. Read the book “Infiltration” by Paul Sperry and get some clues as to how this stuff works.

    Islamic / Sharia law should NEVER BE incorporated into our judicial system. If people want to bend our constitution to fit their own needs, I will no longer follow it.

    If people want to continue to live under the guise that all the islamists in Dearborn MI are “peaceful…” you will see… “Gentrification” at its finest as some of their organizations are directly tied to Pakistani terrorist groups….that have begun to come to America.

  3. Anonymous (I dont wanna hear flack) says:

    I am not against islam, but there better NEVER come a time that I have to be tried in a Sharia law court system. If people want “sharia law” go to an islamist country.

    Any religion that is intrusive is BS…such as the freaks at the Westboro Baptist church… Christian or Islam or Pastafarian… Dont push your religious beliefs on someone else.

  4. Kat Liu says:

    The show in question, “All-American Muslim,” has nothing to do with Sharia law. It’s just about the lives of five Muslim-American families. There have been Muslims in the U.S. since before this country was a country and they had managed to live here for centuries without any conflict between our secular government and Islamic sharia law. The sudden concern over Sharia, post-9/11, is fabrication of anti-Islamists designed to drum up fear of a minority religious group. Such intolerance goes against our values as a nation, yet, unfortunately, our history is also peppered with examples of it. First it was the Jews, then the Catholics, now the Muslims.

  5. fisherman says:

    The “Florida Family Association” is just a single guy named David Caton. Caton objects to this program because he feels it “is propaganda clearly designed to counter legitimate and present-day concerns about many Muslims …. The show profiles only Muslims that appear to be ordinary folks.”

    I object to this bigotry and I went to the entire list of corporations who Caton claimed to have pulled their advertising from the show. I wrote to all the corporations with whom I have had a business relationship, including JP Morgan-Chase.

    My representative at JPM contacted corporate management and, after several days, learned that JPM still advertises on the program. Good for them!

    More important, though, this is proof that Caton is not only a bigot but also a LIAR.

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