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At the Dentist: Fighting the Marriage Amendment

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Apr 03, 2012

Rev. Meg Riley, Sr. Minister at Church of the Larger Fellowship and one of the founders of the Standing on the Side of Love campaign, is crossing borders in the unlikeliest of places: her dentist’s office. Facing an odious constitutional amendment on the Minnesota ballot this November that would ban marriage for same-gender couples, Rev. Meg is not remaining silent.

Change-makers rarely do!

Here’s a video Rev. Meg made about talking to her dental hygienist about the marriage amendment.

This is such a fantastic story of self, story of us, story of now. Pass the video on, or make your own!

As Terri Burnor said on Rev. Meg’s facebook page:

Love! I especially appreciate your reminder that convos with people who think differently can be made meaningful (and safe) when we go beyond labels and find commonality. It also makes me wonder if we shy away from reaching out to the “other” because we think we have to change their mind to make the convo “worth it.” How freeing to release that unrealistic goal and instead find ways to simply relate to each other.

Agreed, Terri.

MN Governor Mark Dayton recently told a crowd of LGBT and allied advocates that he had a dream that Minnesota would become the first state in the nation to reject a constitutional amendment banning marriage for same-gender-loving couples.

May it be so.

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  1. [...] A decade later when I was at Harvard Divinity School and helping organize an international network of UU Seminarians of Color, we noted that over 40% of our members identified as LGBTQ.  Rev. Meg Riley is still preaching the good word as Senior Minister of the Church of the Larger Fellowship, an amazing international congregation based in Boston with a worldwide ministry.  Here she is speaking out about against the marriage ban in Minnesota, At the Dentist: Fighting the Marriage Ban. [...]

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