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Building a Larger Sound, Voice by Voice

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Aug 03, 2010

The struggle is long and hard. I wonder, will my presence make a difference? I am in Phoenix as a member of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Central Nassau in Garden City, New York. I am also a volunteer at Cabrini Immigrant Services in Chinatown in New York City, which provides social services, immigration counseling, a food pantry program and an ESOL program to immigrants of Hispanic, Chinese and other nationalities. St. Francis Xavier Cabrini, the first American citizen to become a saint in the Roman Catholic Church, is the patron saint of immigrants.

I act in the hope that when enough drops of water fall on granite, sand is made.

I reflect on a choir warm-up exercise (learned at GA choir a number of years ago) where a person hums a note. Then the hum is passed on to a second person, building a larger sound voice by voice. Each voice changes the sound of the choir. I see my presence as a voice in the choir of justice.


Mickey Kranz

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  1. this is an image of power and beauty…thank you

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