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Call the White House on S-COMM! END IT, DON’T MEND IT!

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Mar 22, 2012

SCommFlyerFor many months now, Standing on the Side of Love and our interfaith and immigrant rights partners have been mobilizing to end the Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) mass detention and deportation program with the misnomer of ‘Secure Communities.’ We have been challenging the program at hearings across the country and exposing how it breaks up families and is deporting people whose only crime is that they are living in the United States without ‘papers.’ (Many of the people deported have expired VISAs and have committed no criminal offense.) As a result, ICE announced that they would reform the program, but even with some minor reforms, several states and dozens of communities have refused to join the program. Now the Department of Homeland Security is expected to announce a second round of “reforms” to this disgraced program.

The harsh reality is that the Secure Communities (S-Comm) program is too broken to be fixed. It has deported hundreds of thousands of family members and damaged public safety by making victims of crimes and witnesses to crimes fear contact with police. That is why governors, city officials, congressional representatives, law enforcement and communities across the country have rejected the program (for a list of communities that have rejected SCOMM, see NDLON’s webpage – scroll down).

This is why we continue to demand its immediate termination.

Please send a message to President Obama that the program needs to be once and for all “ended, not mended.”

Sign the petition or call the White House: 202-456-1111.

Script: “My name is [insert name]. I am calling from [insert city, state]. I know that the Administration is announcing changes to the “Secure Communities” deportation program any day now. I want to ask the Administration to “end, not mend” this controversial program. S-Comm has damaged public safety, created fear in our communities, and deported thousands of our family members and friends. We urge the President to abandon his legacy of deportation and end the program immediately.”

For an authoritative report on the devastating impact of S-COMM on our communities see “RESTORING COMMUNITY: A National Community Advisory Report on ICE’s Failed ‘Secure Communities’ Program published by the National Day Laborer Organizing Network and a National Community Advisory Commission (of which the Unitarian Universalist Association is a member).

To join the movement to keep SCOMM out of your community, see our coalition resources and information at: Restoring Trust: Breaking ICE’s Hold on our Communities. Resources include Congregational Toolkit for Immigration Advocacy in Our Communities, 70-minute video webinar, and a map of local interfaith partners.

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