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Called to Arizona

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May 14, 2010

The message below went out to Standing on the Side of Love supporters. Sign-up for these emails here.

Dear Friends,

We in Arizona need you.

In Phoenix, I am ministering to a wounded community that needs more love than I alone can give.

When I felt my call to the ministry in 1995, I knew it would be a challenging path. But I never anticipated that I would end up fighting against a police state.

A statewide coalition of immigrant groups, faith communities, and local organizations have issued a call for people across the nation to come to Phoenix on May 29th.

The Standing on the Side of Love campaign will be there along with many national faith leaders, including the President of my Unitarian Universalist faith, Rev. Peter Morales.

There is still time to stop SB 1070 from going into effect.

We want a half million people in Phoenix on May 29th. Even if it is not easy, we need each person who is able, to follow the challenging path to Arizona.

Yours in the struggle,
Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray

Susan Frederick-Gray
Minister, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix

P.S. For those of you unable to make the journey, send a message to your governor asking them to prevent any laws like SB 1070 from coming to your state.

8 Responses to “Called to Arizona”

  1. Beth Lynn Cardall Leehy says:

    My brother and I will be there.

  2. Jane & Kate says:

    We’ll be driving down from Flagstaff.

  3. Suzi Spangenberg says:


    I am a UU from Orange County, CA. I’d like to try and make it and have a question – are any local area UU’s able to assist with housing? I’m happy to make a contribution to your local UU or the SOSL campaign but would like to honor the boycott and not stay at a local hotel. Thanks so much!

    With love and solidarity,

  4. [...] a call to join Standing on the Side of Love and a coalition of organizations in Arizona at a “National Day of Action Against SB1070” on May [...]

  5. Kate Lore says:

    About 6 or 7 UU ministers from the Pacific Northwest District, including myself, will be there. We’re bringing two banners:

    1) Standing on the Side of Love; and
    2) Unitarian Universalists for Humane Immigrant Reform

    Looking forward to seeing other UUs there,

  6. Helen Rivas says:

    We will have to be with you in spirit, but some Birmingham UUs and allies statewide in the Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice are organizing simple events for varying numbers of people, “Let’s talk about immigration.”

  7. Jeff says:

    Where does the law fit in when it comes to love, or is it just an inconvenient thing? What if Governor Brewer seeks to show love to the people she represents? Can you allow for that kind of love, a love that will uphold law so that the people are protected from danger?


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