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Day 24: This is My Prayer

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Feb 11, 2013

Today is Day 24 of the Thirty Days of Love. Today’s action is to write your own prayer, mantra, or meditation to help us “share the love.” To see some examples from last year, click hereClick here for resources, family actions, and more! Click here to sign up for the daily Thirty Days of Love emails.

Each week at the Palomar Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, we open our services with the words of one of our founders, Bob Kintz, “This is a sanctuary for those seeking their own answers to questions of faith. This is a sanctuary for those voices lifted up for peace. This is a sanctuary for those seeking companionship in their struggles and journeys.” We state this intention to create a safe space in which to worship, to affirm our purpose to cultivate peace within ourselves and in the world, and to acknowledge our oneness and the interwoven context of our lives. I believe that by setting intentions we mindfully manifest the life we want to live.

For me, prayer is setting an intention and requesting the support needed to cultivate the qualities required within us. From this perspective there are several things necessary for prayer, including insight, awareness, and the ability to receive support. It is empowering to identify when we need to cultivate courage, forgiveness, or compassion. It is healing to honor that other beings are suffering around us and ask for them to receive love, joy, and peace. It is transformative to learn how to earnestly ask for and receive support from that which is bigger than ourselves. Each time I pray I am blessed with clarity, a deep sense of our interconnectedness, gratitude, and a renewed openness to receive.

In the spirit of loving-kindness, this is my prayer for us today:

May we know true peace and commit to finding moments of quiet in order to listen deeply to our own truth.

May we open our hearts wider than we ever knew was possible, and welcome all beings into our understanding of community, in the spirit of radical hospitality.

May we cultivate compassion not only for others, but for ourselves, knowing this is essential for all our healing. 

May we love deeply and boldly speak our truth so that our authenticity becomes an invitation for others to Stand on the Side of Love.

May we embrace our courage, creativity, gratitude, and sense of humor to sustain us and allow us to flourish on this transformational journey of love!

May it be so…blessed be… amen…namaste!

For today’s action, join me in offering a loving prayer, mantra, or meditation. Click here to share your prayer.

Peace & gratitude,

Kelley Grimes

Kelley Grimes is a counselor, artist, and chair of the Sunday Services Committee and Peace Team at the Palomar UU Fellowship in Vista, California. She is a Unitarian Universalist deeply rooted in an earth based spiritual and Buddhist perspective.

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  1. A beautiful prayer Kelley. That covers all eventualities! I love your mention of compassion for ourselves. So important and often forgotten.

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