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Day 28: ‘Calling In’ as a Practice of Love

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Feb 14, 2014

Today is Day 28 of Thirty Days of Love. For today’s daily action, we invite you to read more about the practice of “Calling In” on today’s resources page, then journal about how calling in can help you during your next courageous conversation. Remember: Practice makes a practitioner. Click here to sign up for the Thirty Days of Love emails.


When I first learned the language of “calling in,” I was a little confused. I knew I was extremely well-versed in calling OUT. Throughout my adolescence and young adulthood, I spent time both making barriers and building bridges. I distanced myself from people I thought didn’t “get it.” I built with people who I thought had found the answers that I so desperately needed. And in the process, I cut myself off from a lot of amazing, dynamic and life-altering relationships. I’m excited to dig in as the new Campaign Coordinator with Standing on the Side of Love, a role I think that will provide many opportunities to call, and be called, in.

Our culture of competition and scarcity makes it hard for us to “Sit in the Fire“ as our whole selves. That fire may be a conflict with a loved one, a professional leadership crisis, or a challenging casual interaction. Re-thinking how I call out made me aware that my approach often lacked love, strategy, and accountability. My approach was stopping me from building with some of the people I loved most. We know that we will mess up. And when we do, we want to know people will love us through our growth. This is not to dismiss or minimize the hurt and pain of these mistakes or the importance of interrupting violence. But it recognizes that transformation takes time, commitment, and love. The Standing on the Side of Love campaign seeks to provide resources and collaborative support to congregations and individuals who want to use love as a theme and principle in their organizing efforts.

Exploring the concept of “calling in” has allowed me to more honestly and lovingly engage with people I want to build with and be accountable to. We can build towards our vision of justice, equity and transformation by learning how to “call in” as we “Sit in the Fire.” For me that means convening intentional and loving space with white people, cisgender people, queer people, middle-class people, and artists while also building with people across different identities.

How would calling in change the way we do our work, build relationships, and create communities and movements? Today Standing on the Side of Love is hosting a facebook chat at 1pm EST/10am PST to talk about our work. Click here to RSVP. We want to hear your ideas, feedback, and love. Sitting in the fire can be hard. But we need you to stay.

All good things,










Nora Rasman
Campaign Coordinator, Standing on the Side of Love

P.S. We’re celebrating the 5th Anniversary of re-imagining Valentine’s Day as a social justice holiday. Check out videos and stories from the past five years here.

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