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Honoring Courageous Love in Knoxville

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Feb 13, 2011

On Feb. 13th, Standing on the Side of Love honored Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church and Westside Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville for their courageous love, which burned bright long before the shooting in 2008, and will burn bright for a long time to come.

This video was created by local artist Bobby Clark, a member of TVUUC.

Says Mr. Clark:

On July 27, 2008, a gunman walked into the sanctuary of Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church during a children’s play, and opened fire on the congregation. Two people were killed and five others injured.

I attend this church, and have many friends there, and at the time I organized a music compilation entitled “Everyone Welcome”, with contributions from my music friends from across the Synthpop Universe who lent their support to those affected by this senseless tragedy.

The song here is one of those which featured on this compilation, “Patience Waiting”, by the Chicago synthpop artist Haberdashery. This video is dedicated to the memory of Greg McKendry and Linda Kraeger, and to greater understanding and tolerance, that this sort of tragedy may never happen again.

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