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In Boston, “Graduation Ceremony” for “Dreamers” Urges DREAM ACT Passage

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Nov 30, 2010


St. Paul’s Cathedral in downtown Boston was transformed yesterday into a moving graduation ceremony as dozens of immigrant students, lined up on stage in black caps and gowns and holding a United States flag, displayed signs that read “Let Us Learn! Let Us Serve!”

The students asked a crowd of hundreds to call their senators in support of the DREAM Act.

Representatives from community organizations, unions, congregations, advocacy and religious groups, including the UUA, were called up on stage to receive DREAM diplomas for their support of “the dreamers.”

Standing on the Side of Love was well represented by UUs from First Parish Cambridge UU, including Rev. Fred Small, who led the opening with words and song. Staff from UUA headquarters and members from congregations in Roxbury and Jamaica Plain wore Standing on the Side of Love T-Shirts and waved “Love” placards as interfaith leaders proclaimed “We Stand on the Side of the Love.”

The Student Immigrant Movement is so determined and so well organized and we are proud to be their allies.  Please call your Senators and tell them to support the DREAM Act.  English: 866-996-5161 or Spanish: 866-961-4293.


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  1. Audra says:

    This was such a moving event! I called Sen. Brown’s office today!

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