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Multigenerational Resources for the Thirty Days of Love

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Jan 17, 2013

We envision the Thirty Days of Love as an event that can bring people of all ages together on a spiritual journey for social justice. This year, we’ve had some amazing help creating resources that will allow multigenerational participation in the Thirty Days of Love, from a re-envisioning of our daily actions for a family audience to lesson plans for high school youth, young adult, and campus ministry groups.

You can also follow along on the Blue Boat Blog for daily Thirty Days of Love reflections from the UUA Youth & Young Adult Ministries Office staff.


Have you created or re-purposed other Standing on the Side of Love materials for a multigenerational audience? Send us an email at love@uua.org and let us know. We’d love to share them with others!

Special thanks to Kayla Parker of the UUA Youth & Young Adult Ministries Office, Alicia LeBlanc of the UUA Resource Development Office, and Kathy E. Smith, Director of Religious Education at the Community UU Church of Plano, Texas, for creating these phenomenal resources.

One Response to “Multigenerational Resources for the Thirty Days of Love”

  1. Kay Lopez says:

    Thank you for great resources but please have them available at least 1 month ahead of the start date of the 30 days of love. This will allow for better planning at the congregational level.
    Thank you!

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