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“My God”

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Apr 22, 2011

Posted by SSL Campaign Manager Dan Furmansky.

“My God’s in a newborn baby child. My God’s in a hundred year old tree. My God is the wind through the valley. My God’s in you. My God’s in me.” – Jeff Barbra

Singer/songwriter Jeff Barbra recently got in touch with the Standing on the Side of Love campaign to let us know about his most requested song, “My God.”

It’s a beautiful song.

I told Jeff after I listened to “My God” that it reminded me of when I testified for the first time before the House Judiciary Committee in my home state of Maryland against an anti-gay constitutional amendment. A staunchly conservative, very anti-gay delegate asked me in an accusing voice after my testimony if I believed in God.

I was absolutely floored by the question.

I told her it was an entirely inappropriate question to be asked in a state government building, and on a public policy issue, no less. But she was adamant that I answer, and the Committee Chair did not rule her out of order.

I thought for a few seconds (which seemed like minutes), and decided to speak my heart.

“Delegate,” I told her. “I do believe in God. But my God is nothing like your God.”

3 Responses to ““My God””

  1. Aliza Rain says:

    I shared this on facebook where my friends range from conservative Christian to Atheist. I’m curious as to what reactions I’m gonna get from it. The video made me cry but the dog at the end makes me smile. :o )

  2. Nira Scherz-Busch says:


    So is my God!

  3. Tim Kelley says:

    It’s a beautiful song with a beautiful message. I wish nothing for the best for this songwriter as it sounds like he is heading in a very positive and uplifting direction.

    And regarding this line from the blog ““Delegate,” I told her. “I do believe in God. But my God is nothing like your God.”

    I feel this holds true for every individual. And if you are an Atheist, you can substitute ‘God’ with ‘Peace’ and it still means the same thing. The inner peace and happiness for each individual is different, as well as the source of this peace. What is important is that we all find it.

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