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On the ground in Arizona

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Apr 27, 2010

The beautiful skies belied the concerns of the 3000 persons gathered in front of the Arizona Capitol on Sunday, April 25th.  Two days earlier Governor Brewer signed SB 1070 bringing tears of disbelief and causing anxiety about the future of our state.  Will Arizona be a state which will tolerate this hateful and wrongheaded law that stigmatizes people of color or accent, deprives liberties and divides communities?  The diverse crowd answered with a resounding NO.
Speakers from inside and outside of Arizona addressed the crowd’s concerns.  Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon talked about the legal avenues being undertaken to fight the law.  Illinois Representative Luis Gutierrez brought words of encouragement that Washington hears our cries, but cautioned to keep the pressure up.

30 Unitarian Universalists joined the crowd with Standing on the Side of Love shirts, signs and banners.  We received heartfelt hugs and thank yous and requests to work together.  I was especially taken by one seasoned man who spoke no English and brought his family to the rally.  He firmly held an Standing on the Side of Love sign throughout the afternoon.  My thoughts will be with him and his family.

Bill Lace is an immigration activist in Phoenix, Arizona.

5 Responses to “On the ground in Arizona”

  1. Karen says:

    Idea for civil disobedience: Citizens paint “I’m Mexican – Pull me over” on their cars. Stand in solidarity with those being targeted, and make the police waste a huge amount of time and energy pulling over people.

  2. Here is a response from the Applied Research Center: http://www.arc.org/content/view/2031/178/ Legalizing racial profiling could mean apartheid for immigrants in Arizona.

    ARC (arc.org) is a racial justice Public Policy Institute, founded by and staffed by (almost all) people of color. We also publish Colorlines magazine. (colorlines.com)

    For myself, as a white UU, I am looking for a girly t-shirt that says: does this shirt make me look illegal? Let me know if you see any.

  3. Tamsin says:

    Here’s a site where you can get t-shirts that say: Do I look “ILLEGAL”?
    A bargain at $15 each.

  4. [...] have been blogging about this! Bill Lace was at a demonstration in Arizona on April 25 and posted a report with video to the UUA’s “Standing on the Side of Love” blog. (April [...]

  5. Jillian Kong-Sivert says:

    One spunky congregrant at Valley UU in Chandler, AZ had 500 buttons made up same day saying “I May Be Illegal.” We were able to distribute them more efficiently than usual, because we happened to be working on a joint choir project that day with a fellow UU congregation in Paradise Valley, AZ. We quickly ran out and need to make tons more.

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