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Our LGBT Brothers and Sisters in Uganda

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May 10, 2011

Rev. Peter Morales

Reverend Peter Morales is the President of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

The message below went out to Standing on the Side of Love supporters on Tuesday, May 10, 2011. You can sign-up for these emails here.

Fear and hatred are once again fueling homophobia in Uganda. Recent news reports indicate that the Ugandan Parliament might soon pass the draconian Anti-Homosexuality Bill (AHB) that will endanger the lives of LGBT citizens of that country. We must not allow this violation of basic human rights to go unopposed.

I am deeply troubled by this unconscionable attempt to legitimize hatred and bigotry. There is credible speculation that the AHB is being used to blind the world to the Ugandan government’s failure to address problems of rampant inflation and civil unrest. Whatever the motivation, it is clear that AHB is an attack not only on LGBT Ugandans but on the basic principles of inclusivity and human rights.

We at the UUA are coordinating our response to the developing situation with our Unitarian Universalist minister in Kampala, as well as our partner LGBT human rights organizations in Uganda and the United States. In the face of this inhumanity, the UUA has extended its continuing commitment and support to our congregants and partners. The Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office (UU-UNO) also is pursuing opportunities for coalition work opposing the bill.

I urge you to take action in any way you can. There is further information at Amnesty International, and please consider signing the All Out petition.

And your donation to the UUA/UU-UNO LGBT Uganda Fund will continue to support important LGBT civil rights work in Uganda even if the AHB does not pass – but becomes even more essential if this bill does pass.

As we continue this fight for justice, please hold all LGBT Ugandans in your thoughts and prayers. Right now they are uniquely vulnerable, and quite possibly in physical danger.

Join me in standing on the side of love with our LGBT brothers and sisters in Uganda.

Rev. Peter Morales
Unitarian Universalist Association

2 Responses to “Our LGBT Brothers and Sisters in Uganda”

  1. Tony Dylan-Hyde says:

    Please help stop the injustice.

  2. Please put a stop to this foolhardy plan to punish GLBT persons in Uganda.

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