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Our Lives Are Valuable

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Nov 12, 2013

My life is valuable. There is no greater gift than the ability to touch everyone and everything around me with the joy and playfulness and creativity that come forward when I can be my full, authentic self and at home in my gender. For me, being transgender is a blessing.

But being transgender also means constant worry if I haven’t heard from one of my chosen family members when I expected to. It means that I am never more than one degree removed from the violence and prejudice that plagues my community. For so many of us, particularly my transgender siblings of color, this violence is constant. The grief and trauma of losing so many family members is constant.

Transgender Day of Remembrance—honored each year on November 20—is the day that we set aside to mourn. This day is dedicated to honoring all those we have lost in the past year to anti-transgender hatred; bearing witness to the transphobia, racism, and sexism that play such a central role in this violence; and recommitting to our vision of a world with no names to read on this day.

For the third year, the Church of the Larger Fellowship will host an online vigil that can be attended by anyone with internet access. This service is a partnership with Standing on the Side of Love and Multicultural Ministries, and for the first time also a partnership with the new transgender-led coalition TDOR Unite!

Please join me for the online Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil this Sunday November 17 at 9:00pm ET. Click here to RSVP and spread the word.

Thank you for all that you do to stand on the side of love with trans* people and our communities. This Transgender Day of Remembrance, join in uniting across lines of difference and proclaiming that our lives are valuable!

In faith,

Alex Kapitan
Congregational Advocacy & Witness Program Coordinator
Unitarian Universalist Association

PS: Are you planning a Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil in your community? You can find our TDOR resource page here.

* – “Trans*” is an all-inclusive, umbrella term that refers to all of the non-normative identities within the gender identity spectrum. Check out this article to learn more.

The message above went out on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 to Standing on the Side of Love supporters. You can sign-up for these emails here.

One Response to “Our Lives Are Valuable”

  1. Andy Nguyen says:

    Dear Alex,
    It was wonderful meeting you at the Tulsa conference. Warmest wishes to you on your journey.
    Andy Nguyen

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