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Quote of the Day: Maryland Sen. Ron Young

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Feb 25, 2011


“There are times when you have to do what is right. We are here not just be representatives, we are here to be leaders. If I lose an election over this vote, so what?”

- Maryland Sen. Ron Young, a Democrat who narrowly defeated notoriously anti-gay state Republican Sen. Alex Mooney in last November’s election, and last night cast a vote to end marriage discrimination. The Maryland Senate passed marriage equality 25-21 with Sen. Young’s vote.

3 Responses to “Quote of the Day: Maryland Sen. Ron Young”

  1. Sandra Henry-Stocker says:

    Wow, thank you! I am so uplifted by your vision of yourself as a “leader”. Thank you for your courage and your determination to do what’s right. I wish this were common in the world of politics.

  2. Lois Jarman says:

    Thank you, Ron Young. You will always have my vote. It is refreshing to finally have representation in our district who is both human and humaine!

  3. Peggy Bon says:

    I do so wish this were the way our Government on all levels operated. You are a good man. And I hope you continue to be able to serve as a leader, in whatever capacity you choose. I would definitely campaign for you and vote for you.

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