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UUs Create a Separation of Church and Hate at Elizabeth Edward’s Funeral

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Dec 11, 2010

On Saturday, December 11, about 25 UUs from area Raleigh, NC congregations stood in a crowd of about 200 to oppose the hate speech delivered by members of the Westboro (KS) Baptist church. Westboro protesters were in Raleigh to disrupt the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards. Despite chilly weather, by Raleigh standards, and a steady downpour, people gathered in support of the grace and dignity exemplified by Elizabeth Edwards and in opposition to the negative and hateful accusations voiced by the Westboro group.

On Friday afternoon, the Rev. Deborah Cayer, minister of the Eno River UU Fellowship, sent out a Call for Action of Immediate Witness to the UUCCNC (the cluster of UU congregations in central North Carolina) inviting congregations to join other religious liberals and conservatives who were forming a “line of love” to stand between the protesters and the church where the funeral was to be held. Despite the short notice and heavy rain, UUs from five area congregations gathered behind the “Standing on the Side of Love” banner in quiet witness to the power of love over hate.

Photo by Susan Holahan, UU PEACE Fellowship

Photo by Susan Holahan, UU PEACE Fellowship

Congregations represented were the Eno River UU Fellowship (Durham), the UU Congregation of Hillsborough, the Community Church of Chapel Hill-UU, the UU Fellowship of Raleigh, and UU PEACE Fellowship (North Raleigh).

Joining the group were ministers Ruth Gibson, Patty Hanneman, and Tom Rhodes.

The Revs. Gibson and Hanneman observed that we were indeed active participants in “the separation of church and hate.”

17 Responses to “UUs Create a Separation of Church and Hate at Elizabeth Edward’s Funeral”

  1. Cliff Sees says:

    What were the people of Westboro Baptist Church upset about? Why were they planning to disrupt the funeral? What was their beef? This story is incomplete.

  2. Pat Coulston - UUCD says:

    Congratulations, for your quick clear thinking; and for your immediate response. You make America proud!!

  3. Pat Coulston - UUCD says:

    Congratulations, for your quick clear thinking; and for your immediate response. You make Americans proud!!

  4. Michael Sullivan says:

    Maybe every funeral that is protested in this way can have a UU buffer around such hateful ppl?

  5. Donna Hart says:

    Despite my best efforts, some days I am so frustrated and angered by the type of hate demonstrated by the Westboro church. Well done UU’s for Elizabeth’s family and friends. And thank you for the boost and making me smile. Keep standing!

  6. Thank you for being there!

  7. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for your good work and making fellow UUs so proud.

  8. Robin Edgar says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if these and other Unitarian*Universalists had the personal integrity and courage to so publicly stand in opposition to the various negative and hateful accusations voiced by their fellow “less than perfect” U*Us towards me and other people, to say nothing of various groups that Unitarian*Universalists, including U*U clergy, target with intolerant and hostile words that *sometimes* can be justifiably described as Unitarian*Universalist hate speech. Republicans and Roman Catholics come to mind here. . .

  9. Jo Roberts says:

    As a UU, I am so proud of other UUs for forming the line of love at Elizabeth Edwards funeral.

  10. Eva Wright says:

    Congratulations. You make me proud to be a Unitarian!

  11. Anna Bush says:

    Thank you for being there.

  12. Dionysus Don says:

    To be there for another is to have another there.

  13. John Bohstedt says:

    Good Work, NC UUs — we’re proud of you for Standing!

  14. Seya says:

    Thank you so much. I’m continuously appalled by the hatefulness of Westboro Baptist “Church” and am glad to see our UU values working in this arena.

  15. Katia Hansen says:

    Once again, I am proud to be a UU and proud to be a supporter of Standing on the Side of Love.

  16. Mimi Gingold says:

    Please provide the background story. I am unaware of why people were protesting at the funeral? MIMI

  17. rachel says:

    I believe Westboro was protesting because of comments Elizabeth Edwards made regarding her belief in God in relation to her cancer diagnosis and the death of her son. This Huffington Post article (http://tiny.cc/3gc0a) quotes the Westboro memo, but numerous news stories about this can be found by Googling “Elizabeth Edwards” and “Westboro Baptist.”

    Kudos to all who stood on the side of love against these vicious and hateful acts! You are all my heroes!!

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