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VIDEO: Pass the Maryland DREAM Act

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Feb 17, 2011

Post by SSL Camaign Manager Dan Furmansky

Earlier this week, I posted footage from a rally in Annapolis for LGBT civil rights that I was honored to speak at, and I let you know that I have moved Standing on the Side of Love campaign headquarters from Boston to Maryland for a few weeks. My goal is to devote significant time on behalf of our campaign to important efforts here.

In addition to the excitement building around a vote for marriage equality taking place in the Maryland State Senate next week, there is also growing support for the Maryland DREAM Act. Many of the same leaders in the General Assembly working for marriage equality and transgender anti-discrimination laws are also sponsoring this important legislation.

This video is from a press conference yesterday preceding the bill hearing. Hear from legislators, clergy, and DREAM’ers about why this proposed law is so crucial.

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  1. Mary Lou Pick says:

    Good luck, Maryland DREAM Act supporters!

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