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The Road from Phoenix: Compassionate Immigration Reform

This year, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to pass compassionate, comprehensive immigration reform. As people of faith, we must raise our voices for an immigration reform bill that promotes justice, compassion, and keeps families together.

Check out our step-by-step guide to making your voice heard.

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The Embodied Border: Reproductive Justice and Immigration Reform

Women and families will continue to be marginalized by U.S. immigration systems unless Unitarian Universalists and others continue to advocate for gender- and health-equity in immigration reform. On Monday, November 4th, please join the UUA Reproductive Justice team for a webinar, “The Embodied Border: Reproductive Justice and Immigration Reform,” as we discuss the intersections of...

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Speaker Boehner Have a Heart–We Need a Vote on Immigration

Our long struggle to get comprehensive, compassionate immigration reform passed by Congress hangs in the balance over the next three weeks.  Speaker John Boehner could allow a bill to come to the floor in the House for a vote.  There is bi-partisan support in both chambers and polls show that 70% of registered voters want...

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Mobilize for Dignity & Respect

The crisis of record deportations continues to separate families at alarming rates, impacting our communities and congregations in dire ways. Parents are torn from their children, spouses fare separated from one another. The time has come to stop the deportations. Indeed, it is long past time. Immigrant justice groups of all stripes are putting a...

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There Are Some Asks You Simply Cannot Ignore

Last Thursday, I was privileged to join over 100 women—20 of whom are undocumented immigrants—in an act of civil disobedience on Capitol Hill organized by the We Belong Together campaign. We blockaded the intersection outside the House of Representatives, calling them to pass compassionate immigration reform that treats women and children fairly, with hundreds more people standing...

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Join the Interfaith Fast Action for Immigration Reform

All summer long, you have been standing on the side of love with immigrant families. From California to Florida to New York (where Rev. Susan Karlson recently got arrested to raise awareness about the dire need for immigration reform), you are putting your faith in action! Now, with Congress returning from their August Recess next...

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