Harnessing Love’s Power
to Stop Oppression

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The Road from Phoenix: Compassionate Immigration Reform

This year, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to pass compassionate, comprehensive immigration reform. As people of faith, we must raise our voices for an immigration reform bill that promotes justice, compassion, and keeps families together.

Check out our step-by-step guide to making your voice heard.

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Thank you to the July 31 UU Arrestees

We are standing on the side of love with the 31 Unitarian Universalist clergy and leaders who got arrested as part of the July 31 Pray for Relief actions in front of the White House to stop deportations. While many of the people arrested echoed the sentiment that theirs was a small sacrifice compared to...

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May We Be Love’s Defenders: Take Action for Families Today!

“Children should not have to carry the burden of our broken immigration system.” Bishop Minerva Carcaño, United Methodist General Council Bishop Carcaño gets right to the point. Children, families and parents are suffering because our immigration system is badly broken. With every deportation of a parent, another child is traumatized, another family fractured and left...

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Statement at Interfaith Prayer Service for Immigration Justice

Rev. Kathleen McTigue, Thursday, July 31, 2014 We’re gathered together here as people of faith, as well as conviction. We come from many different faiths, so I wouldn’t presume to know all the reasons so many of you have gathered. But I can tell you why the Unitarian Universalists are here. We’re among those who...

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The Road from Phoenix Leads Now to Washington, DC

I am so moved by the commitment of our faith community to keep on pressing for justice, standing on the side of love with immigrant families and children. Four years ago, we converged in Phoenix to stop the infamous SB1070 anti-immigrant law. On Thursday, July 31st, thirty-five Unitarian Universalist clergy and faith leaders from 20...

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Dispatch from the Border: What you Need to Read Now

Across the country, UU congregations and SSL supporters are responding with love as we find ways as a country to address youth from Central America seeking refuge from violence at home. There are many ways you can take action: Sign up for our Border Trip this October, so that you have a better first-hand experience...

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