Harnessing Love’s Power
to Stop Oppression

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The Road from Phoenix: Compassionate Immigration Reform

This year, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to pass compassionate, comprehensive immigration reform. As people of faith, we must raise our voices for an immigration reform bill that promotes justice, compassion, and keeps families together.

Check out our step-by-step guide to making your voice heard.

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No Borders, No Bars: Reflections from the Not One More Deportation Open Mic Protest

On a recent Monday night, I stood outside the Suffolk County House of Corrections in Boston, MA, alongside nearly 100 community members and across from the 1,900 immigration detainees that are held at the facility. It was a powerful moment. As we raised our voices outside in chants and poetry and song, the men inside...

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Katherine’s Parents Could Be Deported, Can You Help Keep Them At Home?

Last year, many of you joined us in Phoenix for Justice General Assembly as we learned firsthand about the destruction that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has wrought on immigrant families. You may already be familiar with the story of Katherine Figueroa. Katherine was 9 years old when she came home from school and watched her parents...

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Hope is a Thing with Wheels

Inspired by faith, ten nuns are traveling the country to gather support for immigration reform. When they visited Tallahassee, they were greeted with a resounding ovation from the standing-room only crowd gathered at First Presbyterian. I, along with other Unitarian Universalist Church of Tallahassee members, area clergy, representatives from Roman Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant traditions,...

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Immigrant Day in Sacramento, California

We gathered in bright Standing on the Side of Love tee shirts, with hundreds of other activists at the California State Capitol on May 20 to lobby our legislators and support our immigrant neighbors. We held a rally to mark the 17th Annual Immigrant Day in Sacramento before meeting with the offices of our state...

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Tell President Obama: Stop Tearing Families Apart

Last year when we witnessed together in Phoenix, we saw the power that comes with accompanying communities in their work toward justice. We were overjoyed to have thousands of Unitarian Universalists vigil with those on the frontlines in Arizona with the hope that Sheriff Arpaio’s tent city jail will someday be shut down. Now, as...

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