Harnessing Love’s Power
to Stop Oppression

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Honor the Transgender Day of Remembrance

The Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), held annually in November 20th, is a day in which groups across the world hold vigils to remember those that have been brutally murdered simply because of their gender identity.

Click below to find out more about hosting a TDOR vigil in your community.

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The Story Has Shifted on Marriage Equality

When deciding whether or not to pursue ministry in Washington State’s Wenatchee Valley this past June, I was struck by the consistent message of how conservative the area was considered to be. This message was held up by both members of the local Cascade Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and others who were familiar with the region....

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“Our work as a Welcoming Congregation doesn’t stop at our doors.”

Members of Emerson Unitarian Universalist Chapel in Ellisville, Missouri, recently had an opportunity to live our mission as a “Welcoming Congregation” in the wider community by standing on the side of love during a local nondiscrimination vote. Emerson is a small congregation of about 120 members and one of two UU congregations in St. Louis County. Emerson’s...

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A Celebration Worthy of Cake

Here at Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church in Portland, Maine, we recently celebrated our state’s vote for marriage equality during our Sunday services–an event complete with Standing on the Side of Love-themed cakes! We had two wedding cakes with same-sex edible marzipan couples as toppers, which the congregation shared during coffee hour. During the service itself,...

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UUs in Westchester & Rockland, NY Support PrideWorks for Youth

PrideWorks is a prominent educational conference for LGBTQ youth and their allies, held annually in Westchester County, New York. Every year, some 600 LGBTQ youth, their educators, parents, and allies flock to PrideWorks for seminars and speakers addressing such topics as healthy relationships, coming out, anti-bullying, and building a gay-straight alliance. Every year there are also protesters...

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Lives Are On the Line

As a native Ugandan and life-long LGBTQ activist, it broke my heart to learn that the Ugandan Parliament is poised to once again consider a bill known as the “Kill the Gays Bill” or the “Anti-Homosexuality Bill,” that proposes jail terms for LGBTQ individuals, including a life sentence or even the death penalty in some...

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