Harnessing Love’s Power
to Stop Oppression

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Honor the Transgender Day of Remembrance

The Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), held annually in November 20th, is a day in which groups across the world hold vigils to remember those that have been brutally murdered simply because of their gender identity.

Click below to find out more about hosting a TDOR vigil in your community.

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Running with Pride

I recently did something I never would have imagined doing a few years ago. I ran a 5K with my dad, but it wasn’t just any 5K; it was a gay pride 5K. It was his idea and even though I pretty much loath running I said I’d do it. I was grateful he’d be...

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We Are All Diminished By Discrimination

A Letter to the Massachusetts State Legislature: My name is Arjuna Greist and I live in Greenfield, Massachusetts. I am a musician, a genderqueer woman, and a Unitarian Universalist. I am writing to urge you to support An Act Relative to Equal Access in Hospitals, Public Transportation, Nursing Homes, Supermarkets, Retail Establishments, and all other...

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Love Beyond Belief at Houston Pride

More than ever before, the Unitarian Universalist message of “Love Beyond Belief” was front and center in the Houston Gay Pride Parade this year. Houston Area UUs produced an exciting flower-covered float for the parade on June 29, 2013. Themed “Come Dance With Us,” the float held youthful UU’s dancing joyfully to the pop music...

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Standing on the Side of Science: Lifting the FDA Anti-Gay Blood Ban

Like many Unitarian Universalist congregations across the country, my congregation—the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Miami—regularly hosts a bloodmobile on its campus. Since less than 10% of the U.S. population donates blood annually, the need for donations is great and every pint of blood collected from our members helps save a life. As a gay man,...

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Torture and Rescue

I met Imam Baba Leigh in 2003 within days of my arrival as Deputy Chief of Mission at the American Embassy in The Gambia. The day before, I’d told the press that under the current government, there had been improvements in the national economy. The next day, I met Baba Leigh and he immediately lit...

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