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Love Wins Big at the Ballot Box

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Pinch me! I, like many of you, still can’t believe that this moment has finally arrived.

Yesterday, voters in Maine and Maryland affirmed marriage equality at the ballot box. Minnesota became the first state in the country to reject writing discrimination into its state constitution. And, while the ballots are still being counted, marriage equality appears headed for passage in Washington State. These outcomes may influence the U.S. Supreme Court when it considers the constitutionality of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act. After working for more than a decade for LGBTQ equality, I’m ecstatic to say that the United States has reached the tipping point. We are poised to take our place among the other nations of the world who stand on the side of love.

But wait–there’s more! Wisconsin voters elected Tammy Baldwin–the first openly-LGBTQ American, and a woman of profound integrity–to the U.S. Senate, offering new hope and a shining example of success to young people who are hoping that it will get better, who will know they can achieve anything. Electoral outcomes in New Hampshire and Iowa mean marriage equality is most likely safe in those states, and the composition of Colorado’s legislature could mean new possibilities for relationship recognition for same-gender couples. Iowa Supreme Court Justice David Wiggins has retained his seat after anti-gay forces tried to oust him for joining in a unanimous 2009 decision for marriage equality.

Of course, whether we are Republicans and Democrats, all of us understand that when it comes to advancing equality for LGBTQ people in our nation, there was simply no contest between President Obama and Governor Romney. Hopefully, with President Obama’s leadership, we will never again have a sitting president who does not support full equality for LGBTQ people in our country.

Friends, Election 2012 is our moment. Love wins big!

Of course, our victories go much further than just LGBTQ equality. Voters in my home state of Maryland became the first in the nation to ever vote on a DREAM Act measure at the ballot, signaling resounding approval for providing in-state tuition to undocumented residents. Minnesota voters rejected a regressive voter ID amendment. And voters in two states–Colorado and Washington–said yes to decriminalizing marijuana. In an ideal world, this could indicate a shift in our national conversation about drug laws that disproportionately affect poor communities of color.

As these victories set in, however, we remember that this is really about people, and our love for one another. “Gratitude” is the number one word I am hearing emerge from the mouths of those who had so much invested in outcomes yesterday.

So today, let us all offer our gratitude to one another for our collective work to bend the arc of the world towards greater love and justice.

In faith,

Dan Furmansky
Former Campaign Manager
Standing on the Side of Love

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A Parting Gift

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Today is my last official day as Standing on the Side of Love Campaign Manager. As a small token of thanks for your incredible partnership and support over the last two years, I offer a parting gift.

I love music. I have a few hundred playlists for every occasion and mood, spanning many different genres and languages. Over the years, I have burned playlists for friends, family, and loved ones on birthdays, anniversaries, births, weddings, holidays, and other momentous occasions.

So, for all of you, who I count among my loved ones, on this occasion of my professional transition, I offer Dan’s Playlist for Love & Justice.

Click here to listen.

Each song in its own way has buoyed my spirits as an activist, and for me represents faith in humanity, a better world, and love as a guiding principle. Maybe this will inspire you to share your own playlist of songs that exemplify love and justice. I know I’d love to hear it.

Instead of a goodbye, I leave you with a favorite quote:

“I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides…a place of light, of love, of truth, of peace, of wisdom. I honor the place in you where when you are in that place I am in that place…there is only one of us.” – Gandhi

It’s been a most amazing two years. Many, many thanks for our shared community of Love People!

Keep shining,


Dan Furmansky
Campaign Manager
Standing on the Side of Love

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Changes at Standing on the Side of Love

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As the Unitarian Universalist Association bids farewell to Dan Furmansky, we are moving quickly to find our next outstanding Standing on the Side of Love Campaign Manager. On August 1st the position was posted on the UUA website under “Careers” and “Callings/Job Openings.”

Click here to access the position description and share it.

The purpose and principal responsibilities of the position remain the same, and it will continue to be based in Washington, DC.

We will be interviewing candidates in August. If you know someone you think would be an outstanding candidate for this position, please encourage them to apply.

Last month, we significantly expanded the capacity of the campaign by hiring a full-time program assistant. Meredith Lukow has served as both a summer intern with the campaign, as well as a part-time employee over the past year. A recent graduate of American University, Meredith brings a great deal of skill, initiative, and enthusiasm to the newly created position of Standing on the Side of Love Program Assistant.

Rev. Craig C. Roshaven
UUA Witness Ministries Director


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The message below went out on Monday, July 30, 2012 to Standing on the Side of Love supporters. You can sign-up for these emails here.

After two fantastic years managing the Standing on the Side of Love campaign, I have made the difficult decision to step down as Campaign Manager. Thank you so much for granting me the privilege to act as a guide on our shared journey.

I cannot convey in mere words how much this campaign has affected me personally and reshaped how I think about my professional advocacy. Every day, I remain in awe of the incredible passion for justice that each and every one of you holds as a guiding principle. I have been so fortunate to work with lovely, dedicated, talented, and fun colleagues at the Unitarian Universalist Association, and to meet equally inspiring people all across the country.

The individuals who brought this campaign to fruition—Rev. Bill Sinkford, Rev. Meg Riley, Adam Gerhardstein, Fred Garcia, Susan Leslie, the Leadership Council at the UUA, and our partners at Fission Strategy—infused it with so much heart. It was easy for me to pick up the baton and run with it. And it has been so heartening to see congregations and individuals across the country use this campaign as inspiration, and as a prism, for your advocacy.

New challenges await me. My plans are to return to the world of political & communications consulting and non-profit management—the work I was doing prior to joining the UUA team. I have signed on to work with two great organizations—Justice at Stake, which is committed to an independent judiciary, and Farm Forward, which seeks to reduce farm animal suffering and advance sustainable agriculture. I will also continue officiating weddings, which is one of my great joys in life. This is an ideal time for me to make a change, given my own upcoming wedding Labor Day weekend.

I will step down as campaign manager in mid-August, but will continue to assist my colleagues with the transition to a new campaign manager. Stay tuned for a job description! I’m heartened to know that the next leader of this campaign may be reading this email right now, ready to breathe new vision into this incredible movement.

Thank you for the inspiration, for the partnership…and most importantly, for the love!



Dan Furmansky
Campaign Manager
Standing on the Side of Love

(Photo credit: Imari Kariotis)

Storytelling in Social Media

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Stories are a powerful tool for social change. You can use online communication to tell your story, build relationships with partner organizations, and enhance your work for social justice. At Justice General Assembly last month, Standing on the Side of Love Campaign Manager Dan Furmansky spoke on a panel about the use of social media in organizing.

Watch his presentation on the power of storytelling and how the Standing on the Side of Love Campaign can support grassroots justice work below. Click here to download the accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

How have you used social media in your own advocacy work? Leave your suggestions in the comments!